Virtual C++ Day 2020

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An online-only full day of C++:

C++ Day 2020

November 28, 2020


In a nutshell

The C++ Day 2020 is an online-only event about C++ with live sessions and virtual tables for networking (based on Remo).


What can I find in the Virtual C++ Day 2020?

We are scheduling:

  • 8x50-min live sessions
  • virtual networking based on Remo

You can refer to the event page for more information.


How can I attend the virtual event?

The event will go live on November 28 from 9 AM CEST and will last for the entire day.

All the sessions will be hosted on our YouTube channel. However, only registered people can see session links in advance.

Virtual tables will be hosted on Remo, kindly made available by the Standard C++ Foundation. For invitation link and further details, you must register.

Who supports this event?

The event is totally organized by the Italian C++ Community and it is supported by the Standard C++ Foundation.


Do I need to register?

The C++ Day 2020 is totally free (as all the previous editions) but you must register to be invited to virtual tables and to receive session links in advance.

Direct link to (free) tickets here.



See you at the event, safely from home!

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