C++20: The Unspoken Features -- Michele Caini

Modules, coroutines, concepts, and ranges, oh my. Here comes C++ 20. The big four new features are getting all the buzz, but what about the smaller features? 

C++20: The Unspoken Features

by Michele Caini

From the article:

What's new in C++ besides the big four? A lot of things. We certainly won't be able to see them all in one post. Among the most interesting (at least from my point of view) are the following:

  • Designated initializers
  • Spaceship operator
  • Extended range-based for statement
  • Pack expansions in lambda init-capture
  • Template parameter lists on lambdas
  • String literals as template parameters
  • consteval and constinit keywords
  • Constexpr containers
  • Constexpr virtual functions

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