2020-06 mailing available

The 2020-06 mailing of new standards papers is now available.


WG21 Number Title Author Document Date Mailing Date Previous Version Subgroup
P1401R3 Narrowing contextual conversions to bool Andrzej Krzemieński 2020-05-27 2020-06 P1401R2 EWG Evolution
P1450R3 Enriching type modification traits Vincent Reverdy 2020-06-15 2020-06 P1450R2 LWG Library
P1467R4 Extended floating-point types and standard names David Olsen 2020-06-14 2020-06 P1467R3 EWG Evolution,LEWG Library Evolution
P1468R4 Fixed-layout floating-point type aliases David Olsen 2020-06-14 2020-06 P1468R3 LEWG Library Evolution
P1642R3 Freestanding Library: Easy [utilities], [ranges], and [iterators] Ben Craig 2020-05-24 2020-06 P1642R2 LEWG Library Evolution
P1944R1 Add Constexpr Modifiers to Functions in cstring and cwchar Headers Daniil Goncharov 2020-05-26 2020-06 P1944R0 SG16 Unicode,LEWGI SG18: LEWG Incubator,LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P1949R4 C++ Identifier Syntax using Unicode Standard Annex 31 Steve Downey 2020-06-05 2020-06 P1949R3 SG16 Unicode,EWG Evolution,CWG Core
P1990R1 Add operator[] to std::initializer_list Daniil Goncharov 2020-05-26 2020-06 P1990R0 LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2025R1 Guaranteed copy elision for return variables Anton Zhilin 2020-06-17 2020-06 P2025R0 EWG Evolution,CWG Core
P2034R2 Partially Mutable Lambda Captures Ryan McDougall 2020-06-12 2020-06 P2034R1 EWGI SG17: EWG Incubator
P2037R1 String's gratuitous assignment Andrzej Krzemieński 2020-06-15 2020-06 P2037R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2093R0 Formatted output Victor Zverovich 2020-06-13 2020-06   SG16 Unicode,LEWG Library Evolution
P2138R2 Rules of Design<=>Wording engagement Ville Voutilainen 2020-06-15 2020-06 P2138R1 EWG Evolution,LEWG Library Evolution
P2139R1 Reviewing Deprecated Facilities of C++20 for C++23 Alisdair Meredith 2020-06-15 2020-06 P2139R0 EWG Evolution,LEWG Library Evolution
P2141R0 Aggregates are named tuples Antony Polukhin 2020-05-27 2020-06   EWGI SG17: EWG Incubator,LEWGI SG18: LEWG Incubator,EWG Evolution,LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2146R1 Modern std::byte stream IO for C++ Amanda Kornoushenko 2020-06-17 2020-06 P2146R0 LEWGI SG18: LEWG Incubator
P2152R0 Querying the alignment of an object Inbal Levi 2020-06-15 2020-06   EWGI SG17: EWG Incubator,EWG Evolution,CWG Core
P2161R1 Remove Default Candidate Executor Robert Leahy 2020-06-12 2020-06 P2161R0 SG4 Networking
P2164R1 views::enumerate Corentin Jabot 2020-06-14 2020-06 P2164R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2166R0 A Proposal to Prohibit std::basic_string and std::basic_string_view construction from nullptr Yuriy Chernyshov 2020-05-19 2020-06   LEWGI SG18: LEWG Incubator,LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2176R0 A different take on inexpressible conditions Andrzej Krzemieński 2020-05-27 2020-06   SG21 Contracts
P2178R0 Misc lexing and string handling improvements Corentin Jabot 2020-06-15 2020-06   SG16 Unicode,EWG Evolution
P2179R0 SG16: Unicode meeting summaries 2020-01-08 through 2020-05-27 Tom Honermann 2020-06-02 2020-06   SG16 Unicode
P2181R0 Correcting the Design of Bulk Execution Jared Hoberock 2020-06-14 2020-06   SG1 Concurrency and Parallelism
P2182R0 Contract Support: Defining the Minimum Viable Feature Set Andrzej Krzemieński 2020-06-15 2020-06   SG21 Contracts
P2184R0 Thriving in a crowded and changing world: C++ 2006-2020 Bjarne Stroustrup 2020-06-12 2020-06   All of WG21
P2185R0 Contracts Use Case Categorization Caleb Sunstrum 2020-06-14 2020-06   SG21 Contracts
P2187R0 std::swap_if, std::predictable Nathan Myers 2020-06-18 2020-06   LEWGI SG18: LEWG Incubator,Direction Group
P2188R0 Zap the Zap: Pointers should just be bags of bits Anthony Williams 2020-06-15 2020-06   EWG Evolution

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