Third Annual C++ Foundation Developer Survey "Lite"

cpp_logo.pngNote: Given the pandemic, we weren't sure whether to run our annual survey now at all. Thank you very much to the several hundred people who gave their feedback on our poll about that... you overwhelmingly encouraged us to go ahead, and so here we are trying to do it. We look forward to your responses and insights, but most of all we want to send our best wishes to all of you in our global C++ community and your families and loved ones; C++ has always enjoyed a cohesive global community, and never more so than now as we are all going through this dreadful shared experience together in virtually all countries. Please be safe, everyone.


The Standard C++ Foundation's third annual global C++ developer survey is now open. As the name suggests, it's a one-pager:

2020 Annual C++ Developer Survey "Lite"

Please take 10 minutes or so to participate! A summary of the results, including aggregated highlights of common answers in the write-in responses, will be posted publicly here on and shared with the C++ standardization committee to help inform C++ evolution.

The survey closes in one week.

Thank you for participating and helping to inform our committee and community.

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