February 2020

Slides of the 29th of January 2020 BeCPP Meeting -- Marc Gregoire

On January 29th, 2020, the Belgian C++ Users Group had their next event sponsored by OMP. The slides and other material are now available online.

Slides of the 29th of January 2020 BeCPP Meeting

by Marc Gregoire

About the event:

  • “Coroutines in C++20” by Johan Vanslembrouck
  • “The evolution of the C++ Lambda” by Lieven de Cock

If you couldn't attend the event in person, or if you would like to go over the material again, you can download them from the BeCPP website.

A Universal I/O Abstraction for C++ -- Corentin Jabot

SG-11, the study group charged of all things concurrency and parallelism made forward progress and sent the proposal to LEWG - with the hope of landing a future revision in the C++23 draft. This is rather big news given that this work has been brewing for about a decade.

A Universal I/O Abstraction for C++

by Corentin Jabot

From the article:

The year is 2020 and even consummer CPUs feature double digits number of cores, storage offers 10GB/s read speeds and networks have to accommodate ever-growing traffic.

For a long time, the C++ committee seemed to think that either async file I/O didn’t make sense or was fundamentally irreconcilable with networking. This belief would lead to two inter-incompatible APIs in the standard, which would be a nightmare in term of usability (aka ASIO and AFIO).

It seems that there is finally a way to resolve these divides:

io_uring offers very high performance I/O which doesn’t discriminate on device type.
Sender Receiver provides the composable, low-cost, non-allocating abstraction while offering a simple mental model for asynchronous operations lifetime.
Coroutines make asynchronous i/o dead simple for the 99% use case.
Asynchronous Networking is nice.

Asynchronous I/O is better.


C++20 Concepts--omnigoat

Getting familiar with concepts.

C++20 Concepts

by omnigoat

From the article:

A quick syntax-based overview of C++20 Concepts, as they are in the standard (circa January 2020)...

C++ in 2020--Jens Weller

Don't miss it!

C++ in 2020

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Now where the year is a few weeks old, lets see whats ahead for C++ in 2020!

I'll cover the Meeting C++ Community Survey, Conferences, Libraries & Releases, ISOCPP and C++20.

This blog post is based on a newsletter, which is based on a talk I gave at my User Group in Düsseldorf two weeks ago. Come and visit our meetings at the 3rd Wednesday of the month! My C++ User Group is also still looking for speakers in 2020, contact me if you're in town!

CLion starts 2020.1 Early Access Program: improvements to Clang-based tools...--Anastasia Kazakova

Check it out.

CLion starts 2020.1 Early Access Program: improvements to Clang-based tools and debugger, new font and editor theme, and more

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

We’ve got a lot planned for 2020 and 2020.1 and now it’s time to start our regular Early Access Program!

EAP builds are free and give you a preview of the upcoming changes and enhancements. They might not be stable and might contain functionality that doesn’t make it to the final release. And if you decide to try these builds, please, inform us of any issues you run into or any inconveniences you experience as early as possible, so we have time to investigate and can try to address them before the release...