The Modern C++ type CoDec Challenge -- Will Wray

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A meta-programming challenge in compound type destructuring

The Modern C++ type CoDec Challenge

by Will Wray

From the article:

(Assumes intermediate to advanced level C++ with some meta skills.)

Find the most effective, modern way to:  

  1. Decompose a compound type then  
  2. Represent its structure and traverse it


What is it?

A challenge in the spirit of Herb's GotW running ∓20 days over NY 2020:

20 days of Modern C++ ranging from 'retro' TMP to latest C++2a features,
20 days of Post Modern C++ looking ahead to an era of static reflection.

  • A personal challenge to learn about types, introspection and meta coding
  • A community challenge towards effective methods of type decomposition


(Let the egg hunt begin())


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