C++20 and ReSharper C++

Do you plan to start using C++20 any time soon?

C++20 and ReSharper C++

by Phil Nash

From the article:

In July of this year, in the German city of Cologne, the ISO WG21 committee approved the full draft of C++20. After Belfast, in November, we now have just one more meeting (in Prague) to deal with national body comments and get their approval. That means that, barring any catastrophes, C++20 will become the current standard sometime after February of next year.

So C++20 is still in the future, but we now have a very good idea of everything that will be in it. Large sections of it have already been implemented in several compilers. But it’s not just the compilers that are getting ahead of the game. ReSharper C++ supports many of these features already, too – often with extra analysis and insights enabled by them.

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