C++ Russia 2019 Piter

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C++ Russia 2019 Piter will be held in Saint-Petersburg, October 31 – November 1, 2019.

C++ Russia 2019

From the article:

Two days, three tracks and dozens of in-depth technical talks about C++: concurrency, performance, architecture, environment — all you need to make your code perfect.

Keynote by Sean Parent, Eric Niebler and Ivan Čukić.

Also at the conference: Marshall Clow, Björn Fahller, Maxim Khizhinsky, Hana Dusíková, Rainer Grimm and many others.

C++ Russia is not only the talks but also networking with hundreds of colleagues from Russia and Europe. Due to dedicated discussion zones, all the speakers have after their talks, all the questions will be answered.

And in the evening you can participate in BoF-sessions where the most uncommon ideas are born.
Fourteen talks will be entirely in English.

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