Yuri Minaev - Don’t take on C++ programmers support

It's a kind of humorous talk about the life of a development team which also deals with supporting C and C++ programmers. Actually, working with programmers is a lot of fun, and it is very productive. Not only can they send you a memory dump, but sometimes even partially solve the problem themselves and give you a hint. However, there's a flip side. If they have a technical issue, be ready to consume pints of coffee and loads of cookies. I shall tell you about our interesting and funny experience related to technical support of the PVS-Studio analyser - for example, how the tool goes nuts when coming across a 26mb string literal.

Don’t take on C++ programmers support

by Yuri Minaev


  • About tech support
  • We test a lot, but...
  • 9 circles of testing
  • Stories
  • Don't trust standard library functions (sprintf)
  • More on standard functions (isspace)
  • Preprocessor fairy tales
  • 26mb ought to be enough for anybody
  • On logics
  • Initialisation is easy
  • When robots get tired
  • Detour (#include in weird places)
  • WinAPI is fun
  • The scariest bug (warning filters)

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