Advanced Modern C++ Training -- Peter Gottschling

Next open trainings in September and December:

Advanced Modern C++ Training

by Peter Gottschling

About the training

Mastering C++ is an intriguing challenge that can be utterly satisfactory. This complex, multi-paradigm language allows us to write software of highest performance with well-structured and smoothly growing programs. The power of C++ was tremendously raised with the new features of C++11 and C++14 such as type deduction, lambdas, rvalues, initializer lists – to name only a few. And C++17 adds some more interesting feature like folding and structured binding.

To tackle this challenge, we offer this intensive training mainly based on our trainer's book “Discovering modern C++”. You will see, discuss, and apply a wide spectrum of advanced features and dive into the world of modern C++ programming. Open courses are four days long and inhouse training is available from three to five days.

About the trainer:

Peter Gottschling is the author of the advanced C++14 book “Discovering Modern C++” and the German C++17 book “Forschung mit modernem C++”, the Matrix Template Library 4, co-author of the Boost Graph Library and other scientific libraries. He is vice-chair of DIN’s programming language committee and was (the last) head of the German delegation in the ISO committee for C++ standardization. He is managing director of SimuNova and taught C++ in numerous profesional trainings and academic courses.


09-16-2019 to 09-19-2019 in English

12-02-2019 to 12-05-2019 in German

Dates for next year will be posted soon.

Where: Leipzig


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