Deepening inline -- Jose Caicoya.

Some sessions from the recent using std::cpp are now online.

Deepening inline

by Jose Caicoya

About the session:

inline is a reserved C ++ word that has always been associated with the performance of applications. The C ++ Standard indicates that its implementation "is not required to perform this substitution”, which is, to say the least, confusing. In C++ 11 another meaning radically different was added to the keyword: you can qualify the namespaces to get symbolic versioning. Since C++ 17 inline can be applied to variables, allowing them to be declared and defined in the header files without breaking the one definition rule. In this talk these aspects will be covered, exemplifying their use in Qt libraries, as well as indicating several tips on when and how to use inline.

Jose Caicoya (Velneo) studied Applied mathematics and Computing at Oviedo University and was teaching maths and programming for ten years. Beyond his beginnings with the Zx Spectrum, he became a professional developer and nowadays he enjoys programming at Velneo. He is Member and Secretary of the Spanish C++ Standards Committee.


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