CLion 2019.1 release comes with ClangFormat and initial embedded dev support

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As announced earlier, our main areas of focus this year are IDE performance, expanding Clangd leverage, and Embedded Development. This update makes headway in all three areas.



CLion 2019.1 is Here with Embedded Development, ClangFormat, Memory View, Injected languages, Custom Themes, and Much More

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

  • CLion 2019.1 has taken a couple of first steps towards Embedded Development. They include integration with STM32CubeMX and OpenOCD support.
  • Its C++ refactorings Rename and Extract are now more accurate, and code highlighting has moved to Clangd to make the editor more responsive.
  • To help you follow your preferred coding style, CLion now integrates with the well-known ClangFormat tool and adds support for various C/C++ naming schemes.
  • For compilation database projects, it’s now possible to create build-system independent Targets and Run/Debug configurations. This also means that you can build your project from CLion with any build tool you prefer, including custom commands and scripts.
  • Debugger got Memory View, Disassembly View for LLDB and Mute Variables on stepping opportunity.
  • String literals with pieces of code in other languages (SQL, HTML, RegExp, etc.)can now be treated accordingly, thanks to injected languages feature.
  • The Rust plugin was updated: it got profiler tools on Linux and macOS and suggests out-of-scope items in completion and auto-import.


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