2019-03 post-Kona mailing available

The 2019-03 mailing of new standards papers is now available.


2019-03 post-Kona
N4801 WG21 pre-Kona telecon minutes Nina Dinka Ranns 2019-02-08 2019-03 WG21
N4802 WG21 2018-11 San Diego Minutes Nina Dinka Ranns 2018-11-26 2019-03 N4790 WG21
N4803 Kona 2019 LEWG Summary Titus Winters 2019-02-24 2019-03 WG21
N4805 WG21 2019-02 Kona Minutes of Meeting Nina Dinka Ranns 2019-03-10 2019-03 WG21
N4806 Working Draft, C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals, Version 3 Thomas Köppe 2019-03-13 2019-03 N4786 WG21
N4807 Editor’s Report: C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals, Version 3 Thomas Köppe 2019-03-13 2019-03 WG21
N4808 Working Draft, C++ Extensions for Parallelism Version 2 Jared Hoberock 2019-03-11 2019-03 N4796 WG21
N4809 Parallelism TS Editor’s Report, post-Kona mailing Jared Hoberock 2019-03-11 2019-03 WG21
N4810 Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++ Richard Smith 2019-03-15 2019-03 N4800 WG21
N4811 Editors' Report - Programming Languages - C++ Richard Smith 2019-03-15 2019-03 WG21
P0052R10 Generic Scope Guard and RAII Wrapper for the Standard Library Peter Sommerlad, Andrew L. Sandoval 2019-02-19 2019-03 P0052R9 Library Adopted 2019-03
P0201R5 A polymorphic value-type for C++ Jonathan Coe, Sean Parent 2019-03-11 2019-03 P0201R4 Library Evolution, Library
P0339R6 polymorphic_allocator<> as a vocabulary type Pablo Halpern, Dietmar Kühl 2019-02-22 2019-03 P0339R5 Library Adopted 2019-03
P0340R3 Making std::underlying_type SFINAE-friendly Tim Song 2019-02-21 2019-03 P0340R2 Library Adopted 2019-03
P0466R3 Layout-compatibility and Pointer-interconvertibility Traits Lisa Lippincott 2019-03-08 2019-03 P0466R2 Library
P0553R4 Bit operations Jens Maurer 2019-03-01 2019-03 P0553R3 Library
P0631R6 Math Constants Lev Minkovsky, John McFarlane 2019-02-25 2019-03 P0631R5 Library
P0645R7 Text Formatting Victor Zverovich 2019-03-09 2019-03 P0645R6 Library Evolution, Library
P0660R9 Stop Token and Joining Thread Nicolai Josuttis, Lewis Baker, Billy O’Neal, Herb Sutter, Anthony Williams 2019-03-10 2019-03 P0660R8 SG1, Library Evolution, Library
P0664R8 C++ Coroutine TS Issues Gor Nishanov 2019-02-21 2019-03 P0664R7 Core
P0738R2 I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream for istream_iterator Casey Carter 2019-02-21 2019-03 P0738R1 Library Adopted 2019-03
P0798R4 Monadic operations for std::optional Simon Brand 2019-03-11 2019-03 P0798R3 Library
P0811R3 Well-behaved interpolation for numbers and pointers S. Davis Herring 2019-02-22 2019-03 P0811R2 Library Adopted 2019-03
P0813R1 construct() shall Return the Replaced Address Nicolai Josuttis 2019-02-20 2019-03 P0813R0 Library Evolution, Library
P0881R4 A Proposal to add stacktrace library Alexey Gorgurov, Antony Polukhin 2019-01-22 2019-03 P0881R3 Core, Library
P0912R5 Merge Coroutines TS into C++20 working draft Gor Nishanov 2019-02-22 2019-03 P0912R4 WG21 Adopted 2019-03
P0920R2 Precalculated hash values in lookup Mateusz Pusz 2019-02-22 2019-03 P0920R1 Library Adopted 2019-03
P0943R2 Support C atomics in C++ Hans-J. Boehm 2019-03-10 2019-03 P0943R1 SG1, Library Evolution
P0960R3 Allow initializing aggregates from a parenthesized list of values Ville Voutilainen, Thomas Köppe 2019-02-22 2019-03 P0960R2 Evolution, Core Adopted 2019-03
P0985R4 LWG Chair post-meeting report Marshall Clow 2019-03-10 2019-03 P0985R3 WG21
P1001R2 Target Vectorization Policies from Parallelism V2 TS to C++20 Alisdair Meredith, Pablo Halpern 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1001R1 SG1, Library Adopted 2019-03
P1009R2 Array size deduction in new-expressions Timur Doumler 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1009R1 Core Adopted 2019-03
P1018R3 Evolution status after Kona 2019 Ville Voutilainen 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1018R2 WG21
P1024R3 Usability Enhancements for std::span Tristan Brindle 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1024R2 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1035R5 Input Range Adaptors Christopher Di Bella, Casey Carter, Corentin Jabot 2019-03-05 2019-03 P1035R4 Library
P1041R4 Make char16_t/char32_t string literals be UTF-16/32 R. Martinho Fernandes 2019-02-18 2019-03 P1041R3 Evolution, Core Adopted 2019-03
P1091R3 Extending structured bindings to be more like variable declarations Nicolas Lesser 2019-02-18 2019-03 P1091R2 Core Adopted 2019-03
P1099R4 Using Enum Gašper Ažman, Jonathan Müller 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1099R3 Core
P1103R3 Merging Modules Richard Smith 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1103R2 WG21 Adopted 2019-03
P1135R4 The C++20 Synchronization Library Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, Olivier Giroux, JF Bastien, Detlef Vollmann, David Olsen 2019-03-04 2019-03 P1135R3 Library
P1139R2 Address wording issues related to ISO 10646 R. Martinho Fernandes 2019-02-18 2019-03 P1139R1 SG16, Core Adopted 2019-03
P1144R3 Object relocation in terms of move plus destroy Arthur O'Dwyer 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1144R2 Library Evolution, Library
P1152R2 Deprecating volatile JF Bastien 2019-03-09 2019-03 P1152R1 Core, Library Evolution, Library
P1154R2 Type traits for structural comparison Arthur O'Dwyer, Jeff Snyder 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1154R1 Library
P1161R3 Deprecate uses of the comma operator in subscripting expressions Corentin Jabot 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1161R2 Core
P1164R1 Make create_directory() intuitive Nicolai Josuttis 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1164R0 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1185R2 <=> != == Barry Revzin 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1185R1 Evolution, Core Adopted 2019-03
P1189R0 Adding <=> to library Barry Revzin 2019-03-10 2019-03 Library Evolution
P1208R4 Adopt source location from Library Fundamentals V3 for C++20 Robert Douglas, Corentin Jabot 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1208R3 Library
P1217R1 Out-of-thin-air, revisited, again Hans-J. Boehm 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1217R0 SG1
P1219R1 Homogeneous variadic function parameters James Touton 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1219R0 Evolution
P1227R2 Signed ssize() functions, unsigned size() functions Jorg Brown 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1227R1 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1243R2 Rangify New Algorithms Dan Raviv 2019-03-09 2019-03 P1243R1 Library
P1252R2 Ranges Design Cleanup Casey Carter 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1252R1 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1255R3 A view of 0 or 1 elements: view::maybe Steve Downey 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1255R2 Library Evolution
P1257R0 Implementation experience on trying to implement concurrent data and control structures with executors Detlef Vollmann 2018-10-16 2019-03 SG1, Library Evolution
P1272R1 Byteswapping for fun&&nuf Isabella Muerte 2019-02-21 2019-03 P1272R0 Library
P1286R2 Contra CWG DR1778 Richard Smith 2019-02-18 2019-03 P1286R1 Core, Library Adopted 2019-03
P1290R2 Avoiding undefined behavior in contracts J. Daniel Garcia, Ville Voutilainen 2019-02-20 2019-03 P1290R1 Evolution, Core
P1290R3 Avoiding undefined behavior in contracts J. Daniel Garcia, Ville Voutilainen 2019-03-09 2019-03 P1290R2 Evolution, Core
P1323R2 Contract postconditions and return type deduction Hubert S.K. Tong 2019-02-20 2019-03 P1323R1 Core Adopted 2019-03
P1338R1 WG21 2018-11 San Diego Record of Discussion Nina Dinka Ranns 2018-11-26 2019-03 P1338R0 WG21
P1339R1 Disallowing the friending of names in namespace std CJ Johnson 2019-03-04 2019-03 P1339R0 Library Evolution, Library
P1344R1 Pre/Post vs. Enspects/Exsures Nathan Myers 2019-02-20 2019-03 P1344R0 Core
P1354R0 SG7 Guidelines for Review of Proposals Chandler Carruth 2018-11-08 2019-03 SG7
P1357R1 Traits for [Un]bounded Arrays Walter E. Brown, Glen J. Fernandes 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1357R0 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1358R0 Core "ready" Issues William M. Miller 2019-02-22 2019-03 WG21 Adopted 2019-03
P1359R0 Core "tentatively ready" Issues William M. Miller 2019-02-21 2019-03 WG21 Adopted 2019-03
P1368R1 Multiplication and division of fixed-point numbers S. Davis Herring 2019-03-05 2019-03 P1368R0 SG6
P1370R1 Generic numerical algorithm development with(out) numeric_limits Mark Hoemmen, Damien Lebrun-Grandie 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1370R0 SG6, Library Evolution Incubator
P1375R1 More Constrained: Apples or Oranges? On the road to semantic constraint matching Hubert S.K. Tong 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1375R0 Evolution
P1381R1 Reference capture of structured bindings Nicolas Lesser 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1381R0 Evolution Adopted 2019-03
P1382R1 volatile_load<T> and volatile_store<T> JF Bastien, Paul McKenney, Jeffrey Yasskin 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1382R0 SG1
P1385R1 A proposal to add linear algebra support to the C++ standard library Guy Davidson, Bob Steagall 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1385R0 SG14, Library Evolution
P1386R1 A Standard Audio API for C++: Motivation, Scope, and Basic Design Guy Somberg, Guy Davidson, Timur Doumler 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1386R0 SG13, Library Evolution
P1390R1 Reflection TS NB comment resolutions: summary and rationale Matúš Chochlík, Axel Naumann, and David Sankel 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1390R0 SG7, Evolution, Core, Library Evolution, Library Adopted 2019-03
P1391R1 Range constructor for std::string_view Corentin Jabot 2019-03-08 2019-03 P1391R0 Library
P1394R1 Range constructor for std::span Corentin Jabot, Casey Carter 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1394R0 Library
P1407R1 Tell Programmers About Signed Integer Overflow Behavior Scott Schurr 2019-03-08 2019-03 P1407R0 SG12
P1423R1 char8_t backward compatibility remediation Tom Honermann 2019-03-09 2019-03 P1423R0 Library
P1429R1 Contracts That Work Joshua Berne, John Lakos 2019-03-08 2019-03 P1429R0 Evolution
P1430R1 First-class symmetric coroutines in C++ Mihail Mihaylov, Vassil Vassilev 2019-02-08 2019-03 P1430R0 Evolution
P1438R1 A Rational Number Library for C++ Bill Seymour 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1438R0 SG6
P1439R1 Charset Transcoding, Transformation, and Transliteration Steve Downey 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1439R0 SG16
P1441R1 Are modules fast? Rene Rivera 2019-03-06 2019-03 P1441R0 WG21
P1452R1 On the non-uniform semantics of return-type-requirements Hubert S.K. Tong 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1452R0 Evolution
P1458R1 Mandating the Standard Library: Clause 16 - Language support library Marshall Clow 2019-02-20 2019-03 P1458R0 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1459R1 Mandating the Standard Library: Clause 18 - Diagnostics library Marshall Clow 2019-02-20 2019-03 P1459R0 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1462R1 Mandating the Standard Library: Clause 20 - Strings library Marshall Clow 2019-02-20 2019-03 P1462R0 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1463R1 Mandating the Standard Library: Clause 21 - Containers library Marshall Clow 2019-02-22 2019-03 P1463R0 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1464R1 Mandating the Standard Library: Clause 22 - Iterators library Marshall Clow 2019-02-20 2019-03 P1464R0 Library Adopted 2019-03
P1466R1 Miscellaneous minor fixes for chrono Howard E. Hinnant 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1466R0 Library
P1477R1 Coroutines TS Simplifications Lewis Baker 2019-02-12 2019-03 P1477R0 Evolution
P1478R0 Byte-wise atomic memcpy Hans-J. Boehm 2019-01-20 2019-03 SG1
P1478R1 Byte-wise atomic memcpy Hans-J. Boehm 2019-03-10 2019-03 P1478R0 SG1
P1482R0 Modules Feedback Bruno Cardoso Lopes, Michael Spencer, JF Bastien 2019-02-08 2019-03 SG15, Evolution
P1484R1 A uniform and predefined mapping from modules to filenames Peter Bindels 2019-03-11 2019-03 P1484R0 SG15
P1485R0 Better keywords for the Coroutines TS Antony Polukhin 2019-02-17 2019-03 Evolution
P1490R0 Contract-Related Issues Andrzej Krzemieński 2018-02-13 2019-03 Evolution
P1491R0 Don’t add to the signed/unsigned mess Bjarne Stroustrup 2019-02-14 2019-03 Evolution, Library Evolution
P1492R0 Coroutines: Language and Implementation Impact Richard Smith, Daveed Vandevoorde, Geoffrey Romer, Gor Nishanov, Nathan Sidwell, Iain Sandoe, Lewis Baker 2019-02-19 2019-03 WG21
P1493R0 Coroutines: Use-cases and Trade-offs Geoffrey Romer, Gor Nishanov, Lewis Baker, Mihail Mihailov 2019-02-19 2019-03 WG21
P1494R0 Partial program correctness S. Davis Herring 2019-03-07 2019-03 Evolution, Core, Library Evolution
P1498R0 Constrained Internal Linkage for Modules Chandler Carruth, Nathan Sidwell, Richard Smith 2019-02-20 2019-03 Evolution
P1498R1 Constrained Internal Linkage for Modules Chandler Carruth, Nathan Sidwell, Richard Smith 2019-02-23 2019-03 P1498R0 Evolution
P1502R0 Standard library header units for C++20 Richard Smith 2019-03-15 2019-03 Evolution, Library Evolution
P1505R0 Mandating the Standard Library: Clause 30 - Atomic operations library Daniel Sunderland 2019-03-10 2019-03 Library
P1517R0 Contract Requirements for Iterative High-Assurance Systems Ryan McDougall 2019-03-01 2019-03 Evolution
P1518R0 Stop overconstraining allocators in container deduction guides Arthur O'Dwyer, Mike Spertus 2019-03-10 2019-03 Library Evolution
P1520R0 Response to response to “Fibers under the magnifying glass” Gor Nishanov 2019-03-08 2019-03 SG1
P1601R0 Recommendations for Specifying “Hidden Friends” Walter E. Brown, Daniel Sunderland 2019-03-10 2019-03 Library Evolution, Library
P1602R0 Make Me A Module Nathan Sidwell 2019-03-01 2019-03 Evolution
P1604R0 The inline keyword is not in line with the design of modules. Corentin Jabot 2019-01-21 2019-03 Evolution
P1606R0 Requirements for Contract Roles Joshua Berne 2019-03-08 2019-03 Evolution
P1607R0 Minimizing Contracts Joshua Berne, Jeff Snyder 2019-03-08 2019-03 Evolution
P1609R0 C++ Should Support Just-in-Time Compilation Hal Finkel 2019-03-10 2019-03 Evolution Incubator
P1610R0 Rename await_resume() to await_result() Mathias Stearn 2019-03-10 2019-03 Library Evolution
P1611R0 WG21 2019-02 Kona Record of Discussion Nina Dinka Ranns 2019-03-10 2019-03 WG21
P1612R0 Relocate Endian's Specification Walter E. Brown, Arthur O’Dwyer 2019-03-10 2019-03 Library Evolution, Library
P1614R0 The Mothership Has Landed: Adding <=> to the Library Barry Revzin 2019-03-11 2019-03 Library
P1616R0 Using unconstrained template template parameters with constrained templates Mike Spertus, Roland Bock 2019-03-11 2019-03 Evolution
P1619R0 Functions for Testing Boundary Conditions on Integer Operations Lisa Lippincott 2019-03-10 2019-03 SG6, Library Evolution
P1622R0 Mandating the Standard Library: Clause 31 - Thread support library Daniel Sunderland 2019-03-10 2019-03 Library
P1625R0 Contracts: why the house is not on fire (i.e. why the status quo is tolerable) Ville Voutilainen 2019-03-11 2019-03 WG21

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