Ranges, Code Quality, and the Future of C++--Jason Meisel

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Very intersting comment about ranges.

Ranges, Code Quality, and the Future of C++

by Jason Meisel

From the article:

Many of you have seen the recent blog post by Eric Niebler about the acceptance of his C++ Ranges proposal to the C++2a standard. This is a feature set I’ve wanted in C++ for some time. In fact, using C#’s standard LINQ library, I’ve become accustomed to writing code in this style.

I found it unfortunate, then, to see people respond to this post on Reddit and Twitter by complaining that this feature makes code unreadable. Apparently, C++ is becoming more complex and less useful.

I think this is completely untrue. C++2a is going to be the best version of C++ yet, and a big reason for that is Eric’s Ranges library.

But even to me, his Pythagorean Triples example is bad code. This is not because this range library makes code harder to read, but because he utilizes the library very poorly...

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