Quick Q: Regarding shared_ptr reference count block

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Quick A: it is an implementation detail for the std.

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Regarding shared_ptr reference count block

(1) Regarding size: How can I programatically find the exact size of the control block for a std::shared_ptr?

There is no way. It's not directly accessible.

(2) Regarding logic: Additionally, boost::shared_ptr mentions that they are completely lock-free with respect to changes in the control block.(Starting with Boost release 1.33.0, shared_ptr uses a lock-free implementation on most common platforms.) I don't think std::shared_ptr follows the same - is this planned for any future C++ version? Doesn't this also mean that boost::shared_ptr is a better idea for multithreaded cases?

Absolutely not. Lock-free implementations are not always better than implementations that use locks. Having an additional constraint, at best, doesn't make the implementation worse but it cannot possibly make the implementation better.

Consider two equally competent programmers each doing their best to implement shared_ptr. One must produce a lock-free implementation. The other is completely free to use their best judgment. There is simply no way the one that must produce a lock-free implementation can produce a better implementation all other things being equal. At best, a lock-free implementation is best and they'll both produce one. At worse, on this platform a lock-free implementation has huge disadvantages and one implementer must use one. Yuck.

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