Exploring Clang Tooling Part 1: Extending Clang-Tidy--Stephen Kelly

A very useful tool.

Exploring Clang Tooling Part 1: Extending Clang-Tidy

by Stephen Kelly

From the article:

This post is part of a three-part series about using the Clang AST Matchers to mechanically refactor C++ code. In the last post, we ensured that the code is at least buildable with Clang. While that part was only interesting to those whose code was not yet building with Clang, the rest of the series appeals to a general C++ audience.

There are many other resources on the internet covering use of existing clang-tidy checks and their motivation, such as my previous employer. There is very little information online about the developer workflow and tools to use when creating custom extensions for source to source transformations with clang-tidy. This blog series aims to fill that gap.

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