A major update to Meeting C++ recruiting

The job section of Meeting C++ received an important update: you can now share your resume with selected companies via a webform. Also you can share your open positions on the Meeting C++ job board or apply to become listed in the job section as a C++ employer.

A major update for Meeting C++ Recruiting

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Today I can announce a new offering in the recruiting area of Meeting C++: the CV upload form.

The mission of Meeting C++ is to support the C++ community and to build and maintain a worldwide network for C++. And with Meeting C++ recruiting, the goal is to integrate companies into this network, to make them visible as employers, and help people find the right jobs. With this service, I want to bring together companies, who have open positions for C++ Developers and those developers who are looking for a new challenging position!

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