CppCon keynote: Patterns and Techniques Used in the Houdini 3D Graphics Application (Mark Elendt)

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In 2018, the ISO C++ committee and C++11 were thanked on camera from the Oscars stage. The shout out was by this Academy Award winner, who will be keynoting CppCon this September:

CppCon 2018 Plenary: Patterns and Techniques Used in the Houdini 3D Graphics Application (Mark Elendt)

From the announcement:

Not only has Houdini been used in all of the Visual Effects Academy Award winning films of the past 10 years, but it has also been used for television shows like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things as well as content creation for many AAA video games, and even for scientific visualization.

Houdini artists are tasked with creating amazing, never before seen visual effects. They constantly push both performance and scale in the software. Since the early 1990’s Houdini’s C++ architecture has provided a flexible platform that has enabled artists from around the world to create their vision.

Mark will discuss some of the patterns and approaches that have been used in Houdini to meet the demands of production, from the early days of dealing with c-front to embracing modern features provided by modern C++.

If you’re not sure what CppCon is like, here are sample attendee quotes from a previous CppCon that came up randomly on the CppCon site this morning:

“The 'star' speakers were fantastic as always ... [they] always deliver, and the fact that you can just walk up and talk to them all week is an amazing experience.” “A great way to learn about where the language is going in the future, and to meet the people who make that happen.”

The CppCon Early Bird discounted ticket rate is available for the rest of this week. Register here for CppCon 2018, Sep 23-29!

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