CLion 2018.2 released: clangd, new project models, sanitizers, and more–JetBrains

CLion is becoming a more mature C/C++ IDE with the new release!

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CLion 2018.2 released: clangd, Gradle and compilation database projects, Google Sanitizers, and database support

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

In this release, we’ve done our best to deliver some very important new capabilities for both groups - our current customers and those still waiting for some critical functionality to be added before they adopt CLion. On the one hand, CLion comes with an experimental complementary clangd-base language engine and a set of important performance improvements. On the other, it introduces support for several new project models (like Gradle C++ and compilation database format), which may open the door to a public project model API in the future.

Database tools and SQL support join CLion 2018.2 as a bundled plugin, which adds DataGrip’s functionality to the IDE. This release also introduces support for Google Sanitizers.

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