CppCon Early Bird deadline, and two plenary speakers announced

bjarne-s.jpgFrom the CppCon blog:

Early Bird Deadline | First Speaker Announcement

From the article:

We’ll be counting down the days with announcements of this year’s plenary speakers, including today’s plenary speaker announcement.

Next Friday, the last business day of Early Bird registration, we’ll share a special goodie...

Two of our most popular speakers, Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter, are confirmed speakers for CppCon 2018.

If you're not sure what CppCon is like, here's a sample attendee quote from a previous CppCon that came up randomly on the CppCon home page this morning:

"I guess it's a bit like going to a concert where pretty much all of your favorite bands play, except you can also have lunch with them, talk to them, ask them what their songs mean and let them listen to your own songs. And share your thoughts and ideas with hundreds of other people who all feel the same. This is the Woodstock of C++."

The CppCon Early Bird discounted ticket rate is available for one more week. Register here for CppCon 2018, Sep 23-29!

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