Common C++ Modules TS Misconceptions—Boris Kolpackov

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boris-kolpackov.PNGAn illuminating "mini-FAQ" on a very current major feature progressing in ISO C++:

Common C++ Modules TS Misconceptions

by Boris Kolpackov

From the article:

It has become fashionable to criticize C++ Modules TS. My problem with this bandwagon criticism is that at best it's based on cursory reading of the specification but more commonly on just hearing others' knee-jerk reactions. Oftentimes the criticizing post cannot even get the terminology right. So in this article I would like to refute the most common Modules TS misconceptions...

  • I cannot have everything in a single file
  • I cannot export macros from modules
  • I cannot modularize existing code without touching it
  • No build system will be able to support modules

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