November 2017

Common C++ Modules TS Misconceptions—Boris Kolpackov

boris-kolpackov.PNGAn illuminating "mini-FAQ" on a very current major feature progressing in ISO C++:

Common C++ Modules TS Misconceptions

by Boris Kolpackov

From the article:

It has become fashionable to criticize C++ Modules TS. My problem with this bandwagon criticism is that at best it's based on cursory reading of the specification but more commonly on just hearing others' knee-jerk reactions. Oftentimes the criticizing post cannot even get the terminology right. So in this article I would like to refute the most common Modules TS misconceptions...

  • I cannot have everything in a single file
  • I cannot export macros from modules
  • I cannot modularize existing code without touching it
  • No build system will be able to support modules

Better code understanding with Sourcetrail—Bartlomiej Filipek

Let's have a look at Sourcetrail, a great tool for code (C++/Java) visualtiozation:

Better code understanding with Sourcetrail

by Bartlomiej Filipek

From the article:

I’m exploring the tool, and overall I am impressed! It works very well; the setup is easy to do, there’s a lot of help, beautiful and dynamic diagrams (even with smooth animations), under active development… what else would I want? smile

The C++ Bestiary—Adi Shavit

Need some last minute Halloween costume inspiration?

The C++ Bestiary ��

by Adi Shavit

From the article:

C++ is blessed with a plethora of gotchas, traps, caveats, pitfalls and footguns. Within the C++ dungeons lurk many shady characters. ‘Tis the time of year to meet some of these bountifully spawned beasts.