Italian C++ Conference 2017: Videos published—Marco Arena

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I am very happy to announce we published all the videos of the Italian C++ Conference 2017:

C++ executors to enable heterogeneous computing in tomorrow's C++ today (Michael Wong)

Quicker Sorting (Dietmar Kühl)

Boost vs Qt: What Could They Learn From Each Other? (Jens Weller)

Monads for C++ (Bartosz Milewski)

Functional C++ for Fun and Profit (Phil Nash)


The second track is in Italian:

An overly simple C++ idiomatic pattern language for message-based product families (Carlo Pescio)

Lambda out: a simple pattern for generic output (Davide Di Gennaro)

Diversity and Inclusion in Microsoft (Paola Presutto)

Costruire un bridge C++ tra NodeJS e C# (Raffaele Rialdi)

Una libreria di rete asincrona scritta in C++ ispirata a Node.js (Stefano Cristiano)


The Italian C++ Conference 2017 videos are powered by Bloomberg.

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