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Welcome new release of JetBrain's cross-platform C/C++ IDE!

CLion 2017.2 released

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

CLion 2017.2 is all about C++ parser correctness, new code analysis features and performance improvements. Clang-Tidy integration, C++ cast operators and other code analysis enhancements help to ensure the code quality, while the rest bring general improvements to the user experience.

The highlighted new features are:

  • Clang-Tidy checks and complementary quick-fixes come to CLion. This includes checks from C++ Core Guidelines, modernize checks and many others.
  • C++ support enhancements:
    • C++17 is now available in the New Project wizard
    • Precompiled headers are now supported when using Microsoft Visual C++ compiler (in addition to GCC and Clang)
    • Code intentions and quick-fixes use C++ cast operators for C++ code instead of C-style cast
    • Dozens of improvements in C++ parser and built-in code analysis engine
  • A new Force Step Into action for getting into disassembly code only when you really want to.
  • Cancelable CMake reload and Go to navigation actions to ensure better IDE performance.
  • Bundled CMake 3.8.

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