P0506R1: use string_view ... instead of const string &/const char* -- Peter Sommerlad

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Document number: P0506R1

Date: 2017-06-06

use string_view for library function parameters instead of const string &/const char *

by Peter Sommerlad


With basic_string_view there is no longer a reason to keep library APIs that have overloads taking std::string const & and char const * parameter types. Both should be replaced by a single version taking a std::string_view.

Acknowledgements — LEWG in Issaquah for proposing me to write this paper, even when it can not make it into C++17.

Changes from previous versions 4.1 p0506r0

  • removed unnecessary Allocator template parameter
  • change layout in regex adaptation to see changes easier piecewise judgement
  • adjust latex to most current std.tex macros
  • adjust to new standard chapter numbering
  • make regex_search allocator aware again by taking the allocator from a string parameter.

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