2017-06 pre-Toronto mailing available

The full 2017-06 mailing of new standards papers is now available.


2017-06 pre-Toronto
N4662 PL22.16/WG21 draft agenda: 10-15 Jul 2017, Toronto, ON, CA Clark Nelson 2017-03-27 2017-06   WG21  
N4663 Coroutines PDTS document Gor Nishanov 2017-03-25 2017-06   WG21  
N4664 Responses to National Body Comments for ISO/IEC CD 14882 Barry Hedquist 2017-03-30 2017-06   WG21  
N4665 WG21 telecon meeting: Pre-Toronto Herb Sutter 2017-06-01 2017-06   WG21  
N4666 National Body Comments, SC22 N 5205, ISO/IEC PDTS 22277, C++ Extensions for Coroutines Barry Hedquist 2017-06-05 2017-06   WG21  
N4667 Working Draft, Extensions to C++ for Modules Gabriel Dos Reis 2017-03-19 2017-06 N4647 WG21  
N4668 Editor's Report for the Module TS Gabriel Dos Reis 2017-06-19 2017-06   WG21  
N4669 Working Draft, Technical Specification for C++ Extensions for Parallelism Version 2 Jared Hoberock 2017-06-19 2017-06 N4578 WG21  
N4670 Parallelism TS Editor's Report, pre-Toronto mailing Jared Hoberock 2017-06-19 2017-06   WG21  
N4671 Working Draft, C++ Extensions for Ranges Casey Carter 2017-06-18 2017-06   WG21  
N4672 Editor's Report for the Ranges TS Casey Carter 2017-06-19 2017-06   WG21  
N4673 Sping 2018 WG21 Meeting Information (Rapperswil) Peter Sommerlad 2017-06-18 2017-06   WG21  
N4674 Working Draft, C++ extensions for Concepts Andrew Sutton 2017-06-19 2017-06 N4641 WG21  
N4675 Editor's report for the Concepts TS Andrew Sutton 2017-06-18 2017-06   WG21  
P0052R4 Generic Scope Guard and RAII Wrapper for the Standard Library Peter Sommerlad, Andrew L. Sandoval 2017-06-16 2017-06 P0052R3 Library  
P0053R4 DRAFT C++ Synchronized Buffered Ostream Lawrence Crowl, Peter Sommerlad, Nicolia Josuttis 2017-03-02 2017-06 P0053R3 Library Evolution, Concurrency, Library  
P0053R5 DRAFT C++ Synchronized Buffered Ostream Lawrence Crowl, Peter Sommerlad, Nicolia Josuttis 2017-06-19 2017-06 P0053R4 Library Evolution, Concurrency, Library  
P0059R4 A proposal to add a ring span to the standard library Guy Davidson, Arthur O'Dwyer 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0059R3 SG14, Library Evolution  
P0122R5 span: bounds-safe views for sequences of objects Neil MacIntosh 2017-06-17 2017-06 P0122R4 Library  
P0194R4 Static reflection Matúš Chochlík, Axel Naumann, David Sankel 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0194R3 SG7, Evolution  
P0196R3 Generic none() factories for Nullable types Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06 P0196R2 Library Evolution  
P0208R1 Copy-swap Transaction Pablo Halpern 2017-06-17 2017-06 P0208R0 Library Evolution  
P0214R4 Data-Parallel Vector Types & Operations Matthias Kretz 2017-06-19 2017-06 P0214R3 Library Evolution  
P0233R4 Hazard Pointers: Safe Reclamation for Optimistic Concurrency Maged M. Michael, Michael Wong, Paul McKenney, Arthur O'Dwyer, David Hollman, Geoffrey Romer, Andrew Hunter 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0233R3 Concurrency, SG14, Library Evolution  
P0237r7 Wording for fundamental bit manipulation utilities Vincent Reverdy, Robert J. Brunner 2017-06-19 2017-06 P0237r6 Library Evolution  
P0238R1 Return type deduction and SFINAE Tomasz Kami_ski 2017-05-08 2017-06 P0238R0 Evolution  
P0244R2 Text_view: A C++ concepts and range based character encoding and code point enumeration library Tom Honermann 2017-06-13 2017-06 P0244R1 Library Evolution  
P0267R5 A Proposal to Add 2D Graphics Rendering and Display to C++, Michael McLaughlin, Herb Sutter, Jason Zink, Guy Davidson 2017-06-19 2017-06 P0267R4 Library Evolution  
P0306R3 Comma elision and comma deletion Thomas Koeppe 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0306R2 Evolution, Core, WG14  
P0312R1 Make Pointers to Members Callable Barry Revzin 2017-06-07 2017-06 P0312R0 Evolution  
P0315R2 Lambdas in unevaluated context Louis Dionne 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0315R1 Evolution  
P0319R1 Adding Emplace functions for promise<T>/future<T> Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06 P0319R0 Library Evolution, Concurrency  
P0323R2 A proposal to add a utility class to represent expected object (Revision 4) Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06 P0323R1 Library Evolution  
P0327R2 Product types access Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06 P0327R1 Evolution, SG7, Library Evolution  
P0329R3 Designated Initialization Wording Tim Shen, Richard Smith 2017-06-06 2017-06 P0329R2 Core  
P0338R2 C++ generic factories Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06 P0338R1 Library Evolution  
P0339R3 polymorphic_allocator<void> as a vocabulary type Pablo Halpern, Dietmar Kühl 2017-05-29 2017-06 P0339R2 Library Evolution  
P0343R1 Meta-programming High-Order Functions Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06 P0343R0 Library Evolution  
P0355R3 Extending <code><chrono></code> to Calendars and Time Zones Howard Hinnant 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0355R2 Library Evolution  
P0407R1 Allocator-aware basic stringbuf Peter Sommerlad 2017-06-15 2017-06 P0407R0 Library Evolution, Library  
P0408R2 Efficient Access to basic stringbuf's Buffer Peter Sommerlad 2017-06-07 2017-06 P0408R1 Library Evolution, Library  
P0425R0 Metaprogramming by design, not by accident Louis Dionne 2017-06-18 2017-06   SG7  
P0428R1 Familiar template syntax for generic lambdas Louis Dionne 2017-05-16 2017-06 P0428R0 Core  
P0429R1 A Standard flat_map Zach Laine 2017-08-31 2017-06 P0429R0 Library, Library Evolution  
P0433R3 Toward a resolution of US7 and US14: Integrating template deduction for class templates into the standard library Mike Spertus, Walter E. Brown, Stephan T. Lavavej 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0433R2 Library Evolution, Library  
P0447R2 Introduction of std::colony to the standard library Patrice Roy, Guy Davidson, Matthew Bentley 2017-06-16 2017-06 P0447R1 Library Evolution, SG14  
P0448R1 A strstream replacement using span<charT> as Peter Sommerlad 2017-06-07 2017-06 P0448R0 Library Evolution, Library  
P0484R1 Enhancing Thread Constructor Attributes Patrice Roy, Billy Baker, Arthur O'Dwyer 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0484R0 Concurrency  
P0501R2 C++ Module TS Issues List Gabriel Dos Reis 2017-06-19 2017-06 P0501R1 Core, Evolution  
P0506R1 use string_view for library function parameters instead of const string & / const char * Peter Sommerlad 2017-06-06 2017-06 P0506R0 Library, Library Evolution  
P0514R1 Enhancing std::atomic_flag for waiting Olivier Giroux 2017-06-14 2017-06 P0514R0 Concurrency  
P0515R1 Consistent comparison Herb Sutter 2017-06-16 2017-06 P0515R0 Evolution, Library Evolution, Core, Library  
P0534R1 call/cc (call-with-current-continuation): A low-level API for stackful context switching Oliver Kowalke 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0534R0 Concurrency, Library Evolution  
P0539R1 A Proposal to add wide_int Template Class Igor Klevanets, Antony Polukhin 2017-06-05 2017-06 P0539R0 Numerics  
P0542R1 Support for contract based programming in C++ G. Dos Reis, J. D. Garcia, J. Lakos, A. Meredith, N. Myers, B. Stroustrup 2017-06-16 2017-06 P0542R0 Library Evolution  
P0547R1 Ranges TS: Assorted Object Concept Fixes Eric Niebler 2017-06-10 2017-06 P0547R0 Library  
P0549R1 Adjuncts to std::hash Walter E. Brown 2017-06-11 2017-06 P0549R0 Library Evolution  
P0550R1 Transformation Trait uncvref Walter E. Brown 2017-06-11 2017-06 P0550R0 Library Evolution  
P0561R1 RAII Interface for Deferred Reclamation Geoffrey Romer 2017-06-16 2017-06 P0561R0 Concurrency  
P0566R1 Proposed Wording for Concurrent Data Structures: Hazard Pointer and Read-Copy-Update (RCU) Michael Wong, Maged M. Michael, Paul McKenney, Geoffrey Romer, Andrew Hunter 2017-06-19 2017-06 P0566R0 Concurrency, SG14, Library Evolution, Library  
P0567R1 Asynchronous managed pointer for Heterogeneous computing Gordon Brown, Ruyman Reyes, Michael Wong 2017-06-19 2017-06 P0567R0 Concurrency, SG14  
P0572R1 bit_sizeof and bit_offsetof Alex Christensen 2017-06-01 2017-06 P0572R0 Evolution  
P0573R1 Abbreviated Lambdas for Fun and Profit Barry Revzin 2017-06-04 2017-06 P0573R0 Evolution  
P0578R1 Static Reflection in a Nutshell Matúš Chochlík, Axel Naumann, David Sankel 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0578R0 Library Evolution  
P0584R0 Module Interface and Preamble Gabriel Dos Reis 2017-06-19 2017-06   Evolution  
P0591R2 Utility functions to implement uses-allocator construction Pablo Halpern 2017-06-12 2017-06 P0591R1 Library Evolution  
P0602R1 variant and optional should propagate copy/move triviality Zhihao Yuan 2017-04-30 2017-06 P0602R0 Library Evolution  
P0616R0 de-pessimize legacy <numeric> algorithms with std::move Peter Sommerlad 2017-06-06 2017-06   Library Evolution, Library  
P0619R1 Reviewing Deprecated Facilities of C++17 for C++20 Alisdair Meredith, Stephan T. Lavavej, Tomasz Kamiński 2017-03-19 2017-06 P0619R0 Evolution, Library Evolution  
P0627R1 Attribute to mark unreachable code Melissa Mears 2017-06-12 2017-06 P0627R0 Evolution  
P0635R0 Add c_array method to std::array Dan Raviv 2017-06-09 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0636R0 Changes between C++14 and C++17 Thomas Köppe 2017-04-02 2017-06   All  
P0636R1 Changes between C++14 and C++17 Thomas Köppe 2017-06-18 2017-06 P0636R0 All  
P0637R0 Capture *this with initialize Thomas Köppe 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution  
P0638R0 Crochemore-Perrin search algorithm for std::search Ed Schouten 2017-05-03 2017-06   Library  
P0639R0 Changing attack vector of the constexpr_vector Antony Polukhin, Alexander Zaitsev 2017-06-14 2017-06   Evolution, Library Evolution  
P0640R0 User-defined exception information and diagnostic information in exception objects Emil Dotchevski, Peter Dimov 2017-04-15 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0641R0 Resolving Core Issue #1331 (const mismatch with defaulted copy constructor) Daniel Krugler, Botond Ballo 2017-04-17 2017-06   Evolution  
P0642R0 Structural Support for C++ Concurrency Mingxin Wang 2017-05-26 2017-06   Concurrency, SG8, Evolution, Library Evolution  
P0644R0 Forward without forward Barry Revzin 2017-06-11 2017-06   Evolution  
P0645R0 Text Formatting Victor Zverovich 2017-05-22 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0646R0 Improving the Return Value of Erase-Like Algorithms Marc Mutz 2017-05-19 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0647R0 Floating point value access for std::ratio Peter Sommerlad 2017-05-20 2017-06   Library, Library Evolution  
P0648R0 Extending Tuple-like algorithms to Product-Typ Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06   SG7, Library Evolution  
P0650R0 C++ Monadic interface Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2017-06-15 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0651R0 Switch the Ranges TS to Use Variable Concepts Eric Niebler 2017-06-17 2017-06   Library  
P0652R0 Concurrent associative data structure with unsynchronized view Anton Malakhov, Sergey Murylev, Antony Polukhin 2017-06-14 2017-06   Concurrency  
P0653R0 pointer_traits utility to convert to raw pointer Glen Joseph Fernandes 2017-05-28 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0654R0 Explicit struct Loic Joly 2017-06-05 2017-06   Evolution  
P0656R0 Reducing <ratio> Walter Brown 2017-06-11 2017-06   Numerics, Library Evolution  
P0657R0 Deprecate Certain Declarations in the Global Namespace Walter Brown 2017-06-11 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0658R0 Proposal for adding alias declarations to concepts Christopher Di Bella 2017-06-11 2017-06   Evolution  
P0659R0 Adding status() to std::future Nicolai Josuttis 2017-03-02 2017-06   Concurrency, Library  
P0660R0 A Cooperatively Interruptible Joining Thread Nicolai Josuttis 2017-06-19 2017-06   Concurrency, Library  
P0661R0 slot_map Container in C++ Allan Deutsch 2017-06-12 2017-06   Library Evolution, SG14  
P0662R0 Wording for Ranges TS Issue 345 / US-2: Update ranged-for-loop wording Casey Carter, Eric Niebler 2017-06-13 2017-06      
P0663R0 Ranges TS "Ready" Issues for the July 2017 (Toronto) meeting Casey Carter 2017-06-19 2017-06      
P0664R0 Coroutines TS Issues Gor Nishanov 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution, Core, Library  
P0665R0 Allowing Class Template Specializations in Unrelated Namespaces Tristan Brindle 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution  
P0666R0 C++ Latches and Barriers Alasdair Mackintosh 2017-06-19 2017-06   WG21  
P0667R0 The future of std::future extensions Hans-J. Boehm 2017-06-18 2017-06   Concurrency, Library Evolution  
P0668R0 Revising the C++ memory model Hans-J. Boehm, Olivier Giroux, Viktor Vafeiades 2017-06-19 2017-06   Concurrency  
P0669R0 Why We Should Standardize 2D Graphics for C++ Guy Davidson, Michael B. McLaughlin 2017-06-19 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0670R0 Static reflection of functions Matúš Chochlík, Axel Naumann, David Sankel 2017-06-18 2017-06   SG7, Evolution, Library Evolution  
P0671R0 Parametric Functions Axel Naumann 2017-06-15 2017-06   Evolution  
P0672R0 Implicit Evaluation of "auto" Variables Joël Falcou, Peter Gottschling, Herb Sutter 2017-06-18 2017-06 N4035 Evolution  
P0673R0 Merge Concurrency TS atomic pointers into C++20 working draft Herb Sutter 2017-06-16 2017-06   WG21  
P0674R0 Extending make_shared to Support Arrays Peter Dimov, Glen Fernandes 2017-06-15 2017-06 N3939 Library Evolution  
P0675R0 Numeric Traits for Type Composition John McFarlane 2017-06-19 2017-06   Numerics, SG14, Library Evolution  
P0676R0 Towards a Good Future Felix Petriconi, David Sankel, Sean Parent 2017-06-18 2017-06   Library  
P0678R0 Business Requrements for Modules John Lakos 2017-06-16 2017-06   Evolution  
P0679R0 Forward progress vs. futures and continuations Torvald Riegel 2017-06-14 2017-06   Concurrency  
P0680R0 SG1 efficiency Torvald Riegel 2017-06-14 2017-06   Concurrency  
P0681R0 Precise Semantics for Assertions Lisa Lippincot 2017-06-16 2017-06   Evolution  
P0682R0 Repairing elementary string conversions Jens Maurer 2017-06-19 2017-06   Library Evolution, Library  
P0683R0 Default member initializers for bit-fields Jens Maurer 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution, Core  
P0684R0 C++ Stability, Velocity, and Deployment Plans Titus Winters, Bjarne Stroustrup, Daveed Vandevoorde, Beman Dawes, Michael Wong, Howard Hinnant 2017-06-19 2017-06   WG21  
P0685R0 SG5: Transactional Memory (TM) Meeting Minutes 2017/01/30-2017/06/05 Michael Wong 2017-06-19 2017-06   SG5  
P0686R0 SG14: Low Latency Meeting Minutes 2017/03/09-2017/06/14 Michael Wong 2017-06-19 2017-06   SG14  
P0687R0 Data Movement in C++ Ruyman Reyes, Gordon Brown, Michael Wong, Hartmut Kaiser 2017-05-30 2017-06   SG14, Concurrency  
P0688R0 A Proposal to Simplify the Unified Executors Design Chris Kohlhoff, Jared Hoberock, Chris Mysen, Gordon Brown 2017-06-19 2017-06   Concurrency  
P0689R0 A Word about Modules Gabriel Dos Reis 2017-06-19 2017-06   WG21  
P0690R0 Tearable Atomics JF Bastien, Billy Robert O'Neal III 2017-06-18 2017-06   Concurrency  
P0691R0 Integrating Concepts: "Open" items for consideration John H. Spicer, Hubert S.K. Tong, Daveed Vandevoorde 2017-06-17 2017-06   Evolution  
P0694R0 Function declarations using concepts Bjarne Stroustrup 2017-06-18 2017-06   WG21  
P0695R0 Alternative concepts Bjarne Stroustrup 2017-02-19 2017-06   Evolution  
P0696R0 Remove abbreviated functions and template-introduction syntax from the Concepts TS Tom Honermann 2017-06-19 2017-06   Evolution  
P0697R0 Clarifying the status of feature test macros Herb Sutter 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution, WG21  
P0698R0 C++ Standard Library Issues to be moved in Toronto Marshal Clow 2017-06-19 2017-06      
P0700R0 Alternatives to operator dot Bjarne Stroustrup 2017-02-21 2017-06   Evolution  
P0701R0 Back to the std2::future Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2017-06-18 2017-06   Concurrency  
P0702R0 Language support for Constructor Template Argument Deduction Mike Spertus 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution, Core  
P0703R0 Networking TS Issues David Sankel 2017-06-18 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0704R0 Fixing const-qualified pointers to members Barry Revzin 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution  
P0705R0 Implicit and Explicit conversions Tony Van Eerd 2017-06-19 2017-06   Library Evolution  
P0706R0 Efficient headers for modules (or not) S. Davis Herring 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution  
P0707R0 Metaclasses Herb Sutter 2017-06-18 2017-06   SG7  
P0710R0 Core Language Working Group "ready" Issues for the July, 2017 (Toronto) meeting William M. Miller 2017-06-19 2017-06      
P0711R0 Core Language Working Group "tentatively ready" Issues for the July, 2017 (Toronto) meeting William M. Miller 2017-06-19 2017-06      
P0712R0 Implementing language support for compile-time programming Andrew Sutton, Herb Sutter 2017-06-18 2017-06   SG7  
P0713R0 Identifying Module Source Code Daveed Vandevoorde 2017-06-18 2017-06   Evolution  
P0716R0 Unified concept definition syntax Richard Smith, Andrew Sutton 2017-06-19 2017-06   Evolution  
P0717R0 Semantic constraint matching for concepts Richard Smith, Andrew Sutton 2017-06-19 2017-06   Evolution  
P0718R0 Revising atomic_shared_ptr for C++20 Alisdair Meredith 2017-06-19 2017-06   Concurrency, Library Evolution, Library  
P0721R0 Exporting Using Declarations Nathan Sidwell 2017-06-20 2017-06   Evolution, Core  
P0722R0 Controlling destruction in delete expressions Richard Smith 2017-06-20 2017-06   Evolution  
P0723R0 Response to "Clarifying the status of feature test macros" Clark Nelson, John Spicer 2017-06-22 2017-06   Evolution,WG21  


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