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The recordings of the recent ACCU conference in Bristol are now online.

ACCU 2017 Conference Channel

by the ACCU conference

About the conference:

All the speaker made the this years conference to one of the most successful ones. Below are the speakers listed with C++ sessions.

Day One with Louis Dionne, Anastasia Kazakova, Roger Orr, Marshall Clow, Frank Birbacher, Timur Doumler, Kevlin Henney

Day Two with Hubert Matthews, Arne Metz, Guy Davidson, Peter Sommerlad, John Lakos

Day Three with Atho Truu, Daniel Garcia, Petr Kudriavtsev, Steven Simpson, Sergei Sadovnikov, Dominic Robinson, Bjorn Fahller

Day Four with Vittorio Romeo, Phil Nash, Niall Douglas, Anthony Williams, Odin Holmes

Herb Sutter's closing keynote about C++ meta classes will be released later.




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Blog Staff said on Jul 20, 2017 05:22 PM:

The video will be available in the next week or so.