Quick Q: Conditionally acquire an std::mutex

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Quick A: use a std::unique_lock with std::try_to_lock parameter in the constructor.

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Conditionally acquire an std::mutex

It is actually unsafe to have a unique_lock accessible from multiple threads at the same time. I'm not familiar with the opencv portion of your question, so this answer is focused on the mutex/lock usage.

static std::mutex s_FAST_GPU_mutex;
   // Create a unique lock, attempting to acquire
   std::unique_lock<std::mutex> guard(s_FAST_GPU_mutex, std::try_to_lock);
   if (guard.owns_lock())
       guard.unlock(); // Or just let it go out of scope later

This attempts to acquire the lock, if it succeeds, uses FAST_GPU, and then releases the lock. If the lock was already acquired, then goes down the second branch, invoking FAST

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