Italian C++ Conference 2017

A full day of C++ in Italy, June 17, 2017 / University "Bicocca", in Milan.

Italian C++ Conference 2017

Special guests:

Phil Nash (Developer Advocate at JetBrains)

Jens Weller (C++ Evangelist, creator of Meeting C++)

Bartosz Milewski (Blogger specializing in category theory and programming)

Dietmar Kühl (‎Senior Software Developer at Bloomberg LP)


An event organized by the Italian C++ Community.

Sponsors: Bloomberg and JetBrains.


International attendees are welcome: A track consisting of 4 tech sessions & the traditional Ask Us Everything with all the speakers involved are in English.

In a nutshell

The Italian C++ Conference 2017 aims to be a forum for exchanging experiences using the C++ language. The agenda consists of two tracks, one in Italian and one in English.

Who should attend the Italian C++ Conference 2017?

This event is made by passionate C++ professionals for C++ professionals, students and enthusiasts.


What can I find in the Italian C++ Conference 2017?

The agenda consists of 10x60' tech talks and 1x60' Q/A "Ask Us Everything" panel.

You can refer to the detailed program for more information (if you are an Italian reader, here is the same page in Italian).


When does the Italian C++ Conference 2017 take place?

The event will be held on June 17, 2017 at the University "Bicocca", in Milan.

Check-in at 8.30 AM. The event starts at 9.00 AM and will last for a full day.

Who supports this event?

Bloomberg and JetBrains are event main sponsors.

Axosoft and O'Reilly are event partners.

Get in touch if you want to support us!


Do I need to register?

The Italian C++ Conference 2017 is free, but you must register to facilitate the organization of the event. You can register here.

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