4th Spanish C++ conference using std::cpp 2016 (spanish)

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At the 24th of November at Leganés in Madrid in Spain, for the fourth year in a row the one day event using std::cpp will gather professional developers in a series of talks devoted exclusively to C++. 

using std::cpp

This year using std::cpp includes the following talks:

  • C++17 is (almost) here. J. Daniel García (ARCOS Lab, University Carlos III), member of ISO C++ standards committee and associate professor in Computer Architecture.
  • Get your types to work. Software developer and contributor of several Boost libraries (example, Boost multi-index).
  • C++ and much more. An overview to the available libraries univers. Martin Knoblauch (Indizen Technologies), a software developer in the finance sector.
  • Test Driven Development in C++. Raúl Huertas (TCP Sistemas), a software developer with long background in the telecom business.
  • Using C++ in safety critical embedded systems for railways. Ion Gaztañaga (CAF), another Boost contributor (example, Boost Interprocess).
  • At a Matlab breakdown... Save me C++! Javier Garcia-Blas (ARCOS Lab, University Carlos III), visiting professor in Computer Architecture.
  • Static and dynamic polymorphism in C++11: Flexibility versus performance?. J. Daniel Garcia (ARCOS Lab, University Carlos III), member of ISO C++ standards committee and associate professor in Computer Architecture.
  • Using templates in C++ to design and implement. Jose Caicoya (Hotel Beds), software developer with background in real-time systems, finance and, more recently, hotel reservation systems.
  • Distributed systems: How to connect your real-time applications. Jaime Martin (eProsima), developer of an open source DDS impelementation.
  • Developing an reflection system for C++14. Manu Sanchez (ByTech), software developer and metaprogrammer.

About using std::cpp

The using std::cpp event has been happening every year since 2013 in University Carlos III (Leganes, Madrid, Spain), where every year around 200 developers have gathered to share experiences in using C++ for professional software develpment.

The event is organized by ARCOS Lab (University Carlos III), a research group focused in applications of high performance computing to multiple domains. It is also sponsored by Indizen Technologies.

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