CppCon 2015 Integrating generators EDSL’s for Spirit X3 (WIP)—Feliple Magno de Almeida

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Have you registered for CppCon 2016 in September? Don’t delay – Registration is open now.

While we wait for this year’s event, we’re featuring videos of some of the 100+ talks from CppCon 2015 for you to enjoy. Here is today’s feature:

Integrating generators EDSL's for Spirit X3 (WIP)

by Feliple Magno de Almeida

(watch on YouTube) (watch on Channel 9)

Summary of the talk:

Based on the presentation I made on C++Now 2015 for Developing EDSL's for Boost.Spirit V2, present the development of generators for Boost.Spirit X3 (next version of boost spirit) and how that can be used for higher abstraction EDSL's while, through template metaprogramming, create parsers and generators automatically from the same grammar, using CORBA format as an example, while dealing with endianness, alignment and asymmetric grammars. This work is based on the library mORBid (https://github.com/expertisesolutions...) and (https://github.com/expertisesolutions...).

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