An update on the Meeting C++ Workshop Day

I finally can announce that the workshops will end with talks by James McNellis and Michael Caisse:

An Update on the workshop day

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Michael Caisse - boost.fusion: power to the tuples

    Tuples provide heterogeneous, compile-time containers; however, they can be difficult to use at run-time. Boost.Fusion brings together compile-time and run-time semantics to produce the STL of the meta-programming world. It is the machinery behind several Boost libraries and is a common element in many of the solutions provided by Ciere Consulting.

James McNellis - Practical C++ Coroutines

    One of the most interesting new features being proposed for C++ standardization is coroutines, formerly known as “resumable functions”. C++ coroutines are designed to be highly scalable, highly efficient (no overhead), and highly extensible, while still interacting seamlessly with the rest of the C++ language.

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