CppCon 2015 Haskell Design Patterns for Genericity & Asynchronous Behavior--Sherri Shulman

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While we wait for this year’s event, we’re featuring videos of some of the 100+ talks from CppCon 2015 for you to enjoy. Here is today’s feature:

Haskell Design Patterns for Genericity & Asynchronous Behavior

by Sherri Shulman

(watch on YouTube) (watch on Channel 9)

Summary of the talk:

The paper explores some of Haskell's support for genericity through type classes, Functors, Monads, and Continuations and their impact on lanugages such as C++, Scala, and Rust. We explore these language features and consider alternatives that have been proposed to existing language features, including Object Algebras, GADTs, Open data types, open pattern matching, and extensions to Haskell's type system that impact the type inference algorithm and decidability. We use a number of case studies to demonstrate what proposed solutions look like in the target languages, considering how easy they are to use and how well the solutions integrate with existing linguistic features.

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