New “Italian C++ Conference” event in Italy (Italian only)

A full day of C++ in the Italian language:

Italian C++ Conference 2016

May 14, 2016

University "Bicocca", in Milan.

Special guest: James McNellis, from the Visual C++ Team.

The site and the event are entirely in Italian. Here is a translation of the main information:

In a nutshell

The Italian C++ Conference 2016 aims to be a forum for exchanging experiences using the C++ language, paying special attention to what we learned in the last years using C++11 and C++14, and what to expect from the upcoming C++17.

James McNellis will talk (in English!) about CoRoutines and CRT refactoring.

Other Italian C++ professionals will speak (in Italian) on different topics.

Who should attend the Italian C++ Conference 2016?

This event is made by C++ professionals for C++ professionals, students and enthusiasts.


What can I find in the Italian C++ Conference 2016?

After 5 years of C++11, we'll show the picture of the situation through real stories.

The agenda consists of 5x60' tech talks and 1x40' Q/A "Ask Us Everything" panel.

James McNellis will talk about CoRoutines and about his experience on redesigning the C Runtime (CRT).

Other speakers are Italian C++ professionals, working in different domains. They will cover topics like C++ simplification, REST and Websocket, ideas for teaching modern C++.

Coffee breaks and lunch included.

You can refer to the detailed program for more information.

When does the Italian C++ Conference 2016 take place?

The event will be held on May 14, 2016 at the University "Bicocca", in Milan.

Check-in starts at 8.30 AM, the main event starts at 9.00 AM and will last for a full day.

Who supports this event?

RogueWave Software is our main sponsor.

JetBrains and O'Reilly are supporting us with free books/licenses.

Get in touch if you want to support us!

Do I need to register?

The Italian C++ Conference 2016 is free, but you must register to facilitate the organization of the event. You can register here.

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