Starting a tech startup with C++ -- James Perry

A nice and short (5-minute read) entrepreneur's perspective about technology choices while starting a modern web company, with nice shout-outs to Folly, Proxygen, and Wangle:

Starting a tech startup with C++

by James Perry

From the article:

A lot of my peers think it is bizarre that I am building a cloud service with C++ and not with a dynamic language — such as Ruby or Python — that provides high productivity to ship quickly.

It started to question my own judgement to use C++ and I decided to research whether it is good idea or not.

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Mansouri said on Jan 3, 2016 06:16 AM:

the link is dead
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Blog Staff said on Jan 4, 2016 06:22 AM:

It seems to be working fine, try again? Perhaps the site got overloaded temporarily with the traffic.