Interlude (a C++ 2015 retrospective) -- Agustín "K-ballo" Bergé

kballo2015.PNGAs we enter 2016, here is another reminder of just how much has happened for C++ in just the past year:

Interlude (a C++ 2015 retrospective)

by Agustín "K-ballo" Bergé

From the article:

One year down the road, 2015 has gone by but not without modifications to the C++ lands. Several Technical Specification (TS) documents were published, and heavy work continues to go into both existing and new ones. Meanwhile, work is underway for what it is intended to be C++17...

... During 2015, the C++ lands grew bigger at an outstanding rate! As the TS model -- which allows to decouple and publish work independently from the standard -- is proving to be a success, 2016 it's certainly looking to be a good year for C++.

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