Overload 130 is now available

ACCU’s Overload journal of December 2015 is out. It contains the following C++ related articles.

Overload 130 / PDF

From the journal

Type Mosaicing with Consultables and Delegates

If several classes need to work together lots of boilerplate code is often needed. Nicolas Bouillot introduces type mosaicing to avoid this.

The Universality and Expressiveness of std::accumulate

Folding is a highly generic operation available through std::accumulate. Paul Keir goes beyond reduction, with the help of C++14’s polymorphic lambdas.
QM Bites – The two sides of Boolean Parameters
Boolean parameters are tempting but make life difficult. Matthew Wilson advises us to avoid them (almost) all the time.
Identify your Errors better with char[]
Error codes still get used instead of exceptions. Patrick Martin and Dietmar Kühl consider how to use char arrays for better information.
CPU Clocks and Clock Interrupts, and Their Effects on Schedulers
Instructions to sleep for a second almost never result in precisely one second’s sleep. Bob Schmidt walks us through the mechanics of why.

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