Using Variadic Templates cleanly--Florian Weber

Variadics are even more easy to use than we tought:

Using Variadic Templates cleanly

by Florian Weber

From the article:

When one comes across examples for variadic templates, almost always recursion is used to achieve almost everything, for example like this:

// We are lucky: the author correctly used zero
// arguments instead of one as the base-case,
// thereby avoiding code-duplication:
inline void print_to_stream(std::ostream&) {}

template<typename Head, typename...Tail>
void print_to_stream(std::ostream& stream, const Head& h, const Tail&... t) {
  stream << h;
  print_to_stream(stream, t...);

In this article we will see what better alternatives for this rather clumsy hack exist and see how we can write a better version with less code...

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Anders Sjögren said on Oct 27, 2015 12:04 PM:

Great article! Humorous and yet full of useful info.