Video available: Eric Niebler, "Ranges for the Standard Library" -- CppCon 2015 Friday endnote

niebler-cppcon2015-v.PNGCppCon 2015's inspiring endnote video is now available below. This is last of the rush-processed plenary sessions posted quickly (see the Video feed for the others). Of course, there'll be more: Like last year, all the sessions, panels, and lightning talks were professionally recorded and will be available online worldwide for free, but processing well over 100 videos is a lot of work and it will take about a month before they can be available; your patience is appreciated.

Here is the talk, available on both YouTube and Channel 9 (use whichever works best in your country). Slides will be available soon at

Ranges for the Standard Library (YouTube) (Channel 9)

by Eric Niebler, CppCon 2015

From the talk's outline:

Range-based interfaces are functional and composable, and lead to code that is correct by construction. With concepts and ranges coming to the STL, big changes are in store for the Standard Library and for the style of idiomatic C++. The effort to redefine the Standard Library is picking up pace. Come hear about one potential future of the STL from one of the key people driving the change.

I've been doing C++ professionally for the past 20 years, first for Microsoft, then as an independent consultant. Right now, I'm working on bringing the power of "concepts" and "ranges" to the Standard Library with the generous help of the Standard C++ Foundation. Ask me about the future of the Standard Library, or about range-v3, my reference implementation for C++11.

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