C++ Today: The Beast Is Back -- Jon Kalb and Gašper Ažman

A new O'Reilly book from two well-known C++ community experts, freely available courtesy of the makers of CLion:

C++ Today: The Beast Is Back

by Jon Kalb and Gašper Ažman

From the announcement:

Now that software development is shifting primarily toward mobile and cloud computing, the venerable C++ programming language is returning to the dominant position it held during the object-oriented boom of the 1990s. In this O′Reilly report, you′ll learn why C++ is once again the preferred choice across several diverse industries...

Table of contents:


1. The Nature of the Beast

C++: What’s It Good For?

2. The Origin Story

C: Portable Assembler
C with High-Level Abstractions
The ’90s: The OOP Boom, and a Beast Is Born
The 2000s: Java, the Web, and the Beast Nods Off

3. The Beast Wakes

Technology Evolution: Performance Still Matters
Language Evolution: Modernizing C++
Tools Evolution: The Clang Toolkit
Library Evolution: The Open Source Advantage

4. The Beast Roars Back

Standard C++ Foundation
Boost: A Library and Organization
Conferences and Groups

5. Digging Deep on Modern C++

Type Inference: Auto and Decltype
How Move Semantics Support Value-Semantic and Functional Programming
No More Output Parameters
Inner Functions with Lambdas
Lambdas as a Scope with a Return Value

6. The Future of C++

Setting the Standard
Never Make Predictions, Especially About the Future


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