The Annihilation of Conceptual Integrity by Tony DaSilva

A commentary on the C++17 directions being discussed today at the ISO C++ meeting in Kansas, USA:

The Annihilation of Conceptual Integrity

by Tony DaSilva

From the article:

When a large group or committee is tasked with designing a complex system from scratch, or evolving an existing one, I always think of these timeless quotes from Fred Brooks: ... “Who advocates ... for the product itself -- its conceptual integrity, its efficiency, its economy, its robustness? Often, no one.” – Fred Brooks

... Like all the other C++ committee members, Bjarne is a really, really, smart guy. For the decades that I’ve followed his efforts to evolve and improve the language, Bjarne has always expressed empathy for "the little people"; the 99% (of which I am a card-carrying member).
In a world in which the top 1% doesn’t seem to [care] about the remaining 99%, it’s always refreshing to encounter a 1 percenter who cares deeply about the other 99 percenters. And THAT, my dear reader, is what has always endeared Mr. Bjarne Stroustrup to me....

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