Visual C++ 2015 Brings Modern C++ to the Windows API--Kenny Kerr

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Kenny Kerr's article in MSDN Magazine describes how Modern C++ can be used with Windows API to develop efficient and elegant libraries:

Visual C++ 2015 Brings Modern C++ to the Windows API

by Kenny Kerr

From the article:

It’s somewhat ironic that C++ is finally modern enough for COM. Yes, I’m talking about the Component Object Model that has been the foundation for much of the Windows API for years, and continues as the foundation for the Windows Runtime. While COM is undeniably tied to C++ in terms of its original design, borrowing much from C++ in terms of binary and semantic conventions, it has never been entirely elegant. Parts of C++ that were not deemed portable enough, such as dynamic_cast, had to be eschewed in favor of portable solutions that made C++ implementations more challenging to develop. Many solutions have been provided over the years to make COM more palatable for C++ developers. The C++/CX language extension is perhaps the most ambitious thus far by the Visual C++ team. Ironically, these efforts to improve Standard C++ support have left C++/CX in the dust and really make a language extension redundant.

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