Metaprogramming with Modern C++: The Haskell Metaphor -- Manu Sánchez

If you are one of who have been following our post series about template metaprogramming with modern C++, at this time you should have become a C++ template Guru. At least thats what I expect wink.

You know about class templates, function templates, value parameters, type parameters, variadic templates… Your template metaprogramming toolbox is full of great things to play with. Thats good, but you want to start playing with your compiler, writting some cool metaprograms.

Metaprogramming with Modern C++: The Haskell Metaphor

by Manu Sánchez

From the article:

Template metaprogramming was used to improve perfomance on high-computing libraries too, with some clever code transformations done thanks to tmp. The best example of this is the blitz++ library, one of the first examples of a real use case of template metaprogramming.

Since C++11 the language has evolved to support some ways of metaprogramming as a common and useful thing. Metaprogramming became a first class citizen in C++, instead of the obscure, magical, and freaking way to abuse the compiler it was at the beginning...

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