C++ User Group Meetings in December

Its again the time to list the monthly meetings, this time its for December:

C++ User Group Meetings in December

by Jens Weller

From the Article

Three years ago, my own user group had its first meeting in December, being the second active C++ user group in Europe back in 2011. Since then a lot has changed, this December there are a lot more user groups meeting, and also we'll have the last premier C++ Event of the year: Meeting C++ is next week!

Meetings in December

    1.12 C++ UG Hungary - Template Metaprogramming With Better Tools
    2.12 C++ UG Chicago - The Bash Bug And The OpenSSL Bug
    3.12 C++ UG Saint Louis - Next meeting
    3.12 C++ UG Austin - Double Feature
    4.12 C++ UG Dublin - std::begin
    9.12 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - C++11's New Pointer Types
    10.12 C++ UG Utah - Iterators\, Containers and Algorithms in the Standard Library
    10.12 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Presentation and Q&A
    11.12 C++ UG Dresden - Dezember Treffen
    13.12 C++ UG Pune, India - Introduction to C++ Template Metaprogramming and Domain Specific
    15.12 C++ UG Denver - Denver Tech Center C++ Developers
    15.12 C++ UG Austin - North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social
    17.12 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Christmas special!
    18.12 C++ UG Paris - C++ FRUG #5 - L'asynchronisme en deux talks
    18.12 C++ UG Amsterdam - Let's have a meetup in December
    18.12 C++ UG Hamburg - Qt DevDays & Meeting C++

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