Stroustrup highlights next C++ goals: Parallelism, concurrency -- Paul Krill

infoworld2.PNGToday in Infoworld, perhaps the first article about C++17:

Stroustrup highlights next C++ goals: Parallelism, concurrency

Language founder Bjarne Stroustrup gives early indicators of what to expect in C++17

by Paul Krill

Note: C++14 is just being published and C++17 may sound far away. But it's not -- some compilers, such as Clang 3.5 and Visual C++ "14" CTP, already go beyond C++14 and support draft-C++17 features like the new for(e:v) syntax.

From the article:

... Other major proposals for C++17 include faster compilation (championed mostly by Apple, Google, and Microsoft), contracts, and better type-checking. A meeting about the future of C++ is to be held by the standards committee at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champa[ign], next week, Stroustrup says.

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Haitham Gad said on Oct 31, 2014 08:46 AM:

I hope Concepts makes it this time around! I also read the module system proposal (N4047). It's another thing I'd be really happy to see in C++17!