Introduction to Modern C++ -- Olve Maudal

A few days ago in Norway, well-known C++ expert Olve Maudal presented the following slides. We hope you enjoy them too.

Introduction to Modern C++ (PDF)

by Olve Maudal

From the presentation:

C++ has evolved a lot since it was first introduced as "C with classes" with primitive support for object-oriented programming. In particular during the last 10-15 years the common use of the language has changed "dramatically" and the language itself has evolved accordingly. Modern C++ (C++11/14) is still very suitable for object-oriented programming, but now the language also provides good support for generic programming and functional programming. All of this while C++ is still a low-level language that can be used to create programs that compete with programs written in assembler both in terms of speed and size.

We start with a brief history of C++ before focusing on new features in C++11/14 and a demonstration of some typical modern programming techniques.

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