Why a "file based" dependency manager rocks for C/C++

C/C++ file-based dependency manager

Biicode is a file based dependency manager for C++. That lets amazing things to happen, such as allowing to reuse individual files from previous projects without having to worry about packaging, setup or installs. Biicode tracks which files depends on which files, and use it to automatically define build targets, or manage dependencies accordingly. For example, you could just reuse the “Person” object from another project, and you will not depend on the other project's dependencies at all, as those files do not depend on them. And this is only the beginning, with this file based approach you can also do many other amazing things, stay tuned for next posts. We believe this is indeed a new paradigm for dependency management. We are still in beta, releasing based on our users feedback almost every week, towards such a system that could rock for all of us as developers. That means that we are not perfect, as I told you we are working hard and defining the best possible roadmap for our community, including open-sourcing the code and building all the necessary tools for production environments.

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