18 C++ User Group Meetings in October

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group Meetings:

C++ User Group Meetings in October

by Jens Weller

From the article:

The monthly overview on the meetings of C++ User Groups world wide:

1.10 C++ UG Austin - Understanding and Using Generic Libraries in C++
2.10 C++ UG Paris - C++ FRUG #4 - C++ & Python
2.10 C++ UG New York - An Evening with Bjarne Stroustrup
2.10 C++ UG Madrid - De 0 a 100 (Taller)
2.10 C++ UG Istanbul - R-value references and Move Semantics
8.10 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Presentation and Q&A
9.10 C++ UG Dresden - Build Systems
11.10 C++ UG Pune, India - A hands-on introduction to the Boost Libraries
15.10 C++ UG Montpellier - Rencontre C++
15.10 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Coding Dojo
15.10 C++ UG Santa Barbara - Kickoff meeting
16.10 C++ UG Seattle/North West - Compiler Technologies
20.10 C++ UG Denver - Coding Dojo
21.10 C++ UG Berlin - No topic yet.
22.10 C++ UG Hamburg - Einführung in MPI
22.10 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Workshop and Discussion Group
23.10 C++ UG Bristol - "Lessons From Test Code" with Jon Jagger
25.10 C++ UG Saratov, Russia
29.10 C++ UG London - No topic yet.

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