C++ User Group Meetings in May

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Again, a list of user group meetings for this month. In total its going to be 16 user groups meeting this month:

C++ User Group Meetings in May 2014

by Jens Weller

From the Article:

The Meetings

    8th May C++ UG Aachen - SIMD Programmierung
    8th May C++ UG Belgium
        Parallelism in the C++ Standard, what to expect from C++17
        Asynchronous Programming with futures and await
    8th May C++ UG Dresden - C++ Memory Model
    8th May C++ UG New York - Whats next for C++
    13th May C++ UG Philadelphia - Profiling and Perfomance
    14th May C++ UG San Francisco/Bay area
    15th May C++ UG Malmö/Sweden - Battle of the build systems
    19th May C++ UG Denver - CppNow, Eclipse Configuration, Qt Creator and more...
    20th May C++ UG Berlin - C++ in the demo scene
    21st May C++ UG Düsseldorf - Expression Templates
    21st May C++ UG Hamburg
    21st May C++ UG Seattle/Northwest - Agile Architecture
    23rd May C++ UG Paris
        Introspection et reflection en C++
        Le SIMD en pratique avec boost SIMD
        Clang & C++
    27th May C++ UG Chicago
    28th May C++ UG Heidelberg
    28th May C++ UG San Francisco/Bayarea - C++Now tripreport

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