Async-Await in C++ -- Paolo Severini

severini-await.PNGParis, April 2014: Paolo Severini explores the Async-Await pattern and the related proposal for C++17, showing also an example by using Visual Studio 2013 November CTP.

Async-Await in C++

by Paolo Severini

From the article:

... what about native [C++] programming? Is there anything like async/await that we can use with our futures? We can find the answer in N3858, another proposal made by Gustafsson et al. for C++17.

This time the changes proposed are to the language itself and not just to the library. The idea is to introduce the equivalent of C# async methods in the form of resumable functions. They can be thought as the basis to add to C++ the support for real co-routines, and are not strictly related to the <future> library, even though they have being defined especially to improve the usability of futures and promises...

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